Not Worrying About Everything!

Our Sustainability Programs

Sustainability is about protecting the environment, people, community as well as your investment by using renewable and environmentally friendly practices. At Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping we use natural organic fertilizer to keep our Iowa landscape beautiful and free from harmful chemicals.

Prepping Your Landscape for Winter

There’s a lot you should be doing now to ready your landscape for the Winter. Start planting bulbs for next springtime, repair all irrigation problems before you shut off your system, apply mulch to protect your trees, shrubs and flowers, add some Fall color for one last POP of beauty before the long winter, and begin to prune your trees. Call us now for a complete “prep your landscape for Winter program” which will save you a lots of money come Springtime!

Plant Your Bulbs Now!

For a beautiful POP of color next Spring, NOW is the time to plant your bulbs. Let us help you create gorgeous curb appeal this Spring.

Smart Irrigation

Utilizing a smart controller, not only enhances your landscape but saves you a lot of money.

Interested in our Sustainability Programs?