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Retaining Walls in Your Lawn

Keep your Cedar Rapids, IA Soil in its Place

You removed some trees from a slope in your yard to improve safety and visibility, but now you have another problem on your hands. The soil from the slope is eroding, and fast. Your driveway becomes a muddy mess after a rainstorm. You slip and slide in an avalanche of loose dirt and pebbles when you try to cross it. You now have an unsafe yard, leaving you exposed to potential medical and legal problems. You need something to improve the look of your sloped land and to keep your soil from eroding away. Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping can solve your problems with a retaining wall.

Hold Your Ground with a Custom Retaining Wall

Whether you need a retaining wall to prevent an erosion disaster or to add aesthetic features to your home, Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping in Cedar Rapids, IA has the services for you. We can create your ideal retaining wall using the following materials:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Poured concrete
  • Treated timbers
  • Rocks or boulders

Interested in a Retaining Wall?

Choose Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping today to beautify your yard and retain your soil!