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Beautiful and Green: Residential Lawn Care in Cedar Rapids

We at Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping take pride in our over 37 years of landscaping, lawn care, and snow management services for homes in and around Iowa. We are deeply rooted in the state and we’ve provided livelihood for many families here. Our focus on ecological and ethical practices sets us apart. Our safety record is immaculate. We are a trusted name in the industry.

Our residential lawn care services in Cedar Rapids include a range of programs for the maintenance and restoration of your landscape investments. We’re here to make your lawns greener and healthier.

Why You Need Us

Between watering and picking out fertilizers for your lawn, there are a lot of factors to consider for lawn care. These considerations can cost you anything from one afternoon to months and months of spent time and money.

Then winter comes. The cold changes the game and you’re left wondering whether the best practices during the warmer seasons still apply.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed with the amount of thought that goes into lawn care. We understand. We can take all the worry out of the equation and just keep your lawns beautiful and thriving.

What We Do

The services we offer cover all your lawn care needs. They include:

Insect/Disease Control Applications

Because of the sensitive nature of dealing with pests and diseases, it’s something we don’t recommend for the uninitiated. Plus, our green practices make our services the smartest and most environmentally-safe choice.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Mowing and trimming are essential for lawn maintenance. They improve the health and appearance of the grass. They also lessen overall maintenance time.

Spring/Fall Cleanups

Cleaning up lawns basically enable grass to grow better.

Sodding and Seeding

Starting your lawns can be tricky. Some grass types thrive better when sods are used instead of seeds.

Fertilization Programs

Raising the soil quality of lawns through fertilization ensures your grass gets the nutrients they need. Choosing the right fertilizer and applying it are things we’d be happy to take off your hands.