Over the past 17 years, Zach Loeffler, ASM has helped to grow the clientele and relationships at Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping, and he never says no to helping the cause. Whether a mistake or miscommunication has been made, the company can count on Loeffler to step in and handle the situation. “This last February we had a nine-day stretch of continuous snow that with very little sleep he continued to push the employees and himself to make sure the jobs get done, our clients stay happy, and there were no slip and falls,” says his college Nick Scharf, CSP. What’s more, the company has been able to expand to new markets thanks to Loeffler’s people skills. Loeffler recently earned his ASM, and since then this veteran, who started as a mower while in high school, has taken that experience and helped other employees grow. “He has great relationships with all our employees, allowing them to always come to him with any issue and they feel so comfortable with the relationship he built with them,” Scharf says. “He knows everything that goes on with all the clients and all the employees when most people have a hard time doing just one.”