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Greg’s Lawn and Landscaping is known for our professional landscaping and snow management services. We’ve served countless residential, commercial, retail, industrial, and campus clients in Iowa. Learn why we continue to be the top choice in Cedar Rapids and its surrounding cities.

An Iowa Mainstay

We started as a small startup 37 years ago. Since then, we’ve grown to become a leading landscaping, lawn care, and snow management company. Apart from offering professional services, we provide a variety of jobs for Iowa families.

Sustainable and Safe Practices

Our team is trained to use sustainable and green practices for every job. We don’t use nasty chemicals to make your yard look good. The beauty it shows comes from being healthy. We also take good care of our workers’ health on the job, as evidenced by our exemplary safety record.

Knowledgeable and Certified Experts

Our staff has in-depth knowledge of native plants, turf types, soil, environmental regulations, and weather conditions in the city. We’re specialists in landscape design and have members who are certified snow professionals (CSP). There are only five CSPs in Iowa, and two of them are working for Greg’s.

We’re here for the Community

We’ve helped hundreds of people keep their homes safe during the toughest blizzards and snowstorms through our snow and ice management solutions. Our service to the community, however, goes beyond our main business. We help different communities in Iowa by collaborating with other companies and participating in philanthropic activities.

Despite our years of experience and expertise, we continue to improve to serve our clients better. We’ve been helping the community improve their environment for decades through proper landscaping. And we don’t have any plans of slowing down. Keep your yard clean, safe, and beautiful with Greg’s Lawn and Landscaping.

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National Association Of Landscape Professionals

NALP is an international organization serving lawn care professionals, exterior maintenance contractors, installation/design/build professionals, and interiorscapers. It emerged when PLCAA and ACLA united to form a more comprehensive association.

Snow and Ice Management Association

SIMA is a nonprofit trade organization ensuring professionalism and safer communities by helping those who manage snow and ice master essential skills and practices.

Iowa Professional Lawncare Association

The IPLCA provides a positive role for regulations and has earned the respect of regulators and legislators. The IPLCA is very involved with the national Professional Lawn Care Association of America.

Accredited Snow Contractors Association

ASCA's mission is to support and promote professional snow and ice management companies to those outside the industry, thereby improving the industry as a whole.

Certified Snow Professional

A Certified Snow Professional (CSP) is an individual who has gone above and beyond the call of the snow and ice removal professional. CSP's have taken and passed SIMA's rigorous CSP test to become the only certified contractors in snow and ice management in North America.

Advanced Snow Manager

An Advanced Snow Manager is someone who has passed SIMA’s core courses on plowing operations, sidewalk operations, and Ice management. They are dedicated to the safety of both their employees and the public during snow removal operations.

Certified Irrigation Technician

A Certified Irrigation Technician is an irrigation technician is responsible for irrigation installation and makes sure that all the equipment is functioning properly by performing regular testing. Any repairs needed on the irrigation equipment is also the technician's responsibility.

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), founded in 1993, is the North American trade association representing the interlocking concrete paving industry, maintaining cutting edge knowledge by putting the latest industry-consensus guide to permeable pavements at your fingertips.

National Concrete Masonry Association

The National Concrete Masonry Association is a United States trade association of manufacturers of concrete and masonry products. The association was founded in 1918. NCMA publishes methods and specifications, which are used by the industry, and are cited within professional manuals.

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